1162 in 1 board Game Elf multigame JAMMA pcb

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1162 in 1 board Game Elf multigame JAMMA pcb

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Also, there is NO NEGATATIVE 5 VOLT (-5) used on this board. Please do not hook up the -5 from the power supply.

We are a "paperless" operation! You will not receive a paper manual, you are able to download any multigame manual from our free download section. The link will be on a small card in your package.



1162 in 1 Game board (Horizontal and Vertical)  

  • Built for 3 sided cocktail cabinets
  • To change between horizontal and Vertical, just push Player 1 and first action button

The 1162 in 1 is a great JAMMA PCB containing 1162 amazing games! This board can only be used on Horizontal AND Vertical monitor 3 sided control cabinet (horizontal and vertical games differ and flip easily) in a 3 sided cocktail cabinet! This highly durable new multigame PCB can display to your existing arcade CGA or VGA monitor without the need for a video converter!

Example 3 sided cocktail

  • Requires 3 sided JAMMA harness
  • User Friendly Game Selection Screen
  • Supports CGA and VGA Monitors
  • Build to use in a 3 sided cocktail machine
  • Each Game Is Fully Customizable (Difficulty, Game Speed, Number of Lives, etc)
  • Enable/Disable Specific Games
  • Standard JAMMA video output or VGA output (hook PC monitor up directly)
  • MAY CONTAIN ADULT GAMES NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN (These can be turned off in menu)

Technical Notes: Some Jamma harnesses NOT supplied by us have pins 27 and 28 wired to ground, For proper operation of the 1162 in 1 PCB if this pins are wired to ground on your harness you will need to remove them from both sides of the pins as this board uses these pins for button F. Failure to remove any such grounds on these pins will cause many of the games not to load.

Do NOT wire the -5 volt wire to your power supply. This board does not use -5 volt and this will cause the board not to boot!

Please note: Multi game boards balance their sound between all games on the board and therefore are known to not be an exact game sound match. Also, when the board is power down it will not store the high scores due to the large number of games.

Technical Notes: The only game on this board has that uses four button is Vanguard, if you wish this game to be fully functional you will need to puchase an additional button. Tron requires 5 & 6 buttons wired for game play.

Requires a special JAMMA arcade game harness setup using a Horizontal VGA display or a standard PC VGA monitor/LCD.


High Score Save -

Your high score will not be saved when system is powered off, or when you play a different game.

Adult Themed Games -

There are a few adult themed games, which you may want turned off for a family setting. Objectionable games can easily be turned off.

 Controllers -

There are trackball games, like Centipede, which are best played with a trackball, but can be played somewhat suitably with an 8-way joystick.

For the spinner games, like Tron and Tempest, control is best accomplished using a spinner. But, for Tempest, a trackball may be a suitable alternative.

For Q*bert, a diagonally mounted 4-way joystick is required.

When additional controllers are desired, the size of the control panel will become a consideration.  The typical upright classic size vertical monitor control panel (Midway style cabinet) is large enough to typically support only a few controllers - 4-way joystick, 3 control buttons, trackball, 2 start buttons.

However, to play most of the 750-in-1 games, and play them well, you would need an additional joystick - an 8-way thumb button top joystick and 4, instead of 3, control buttons.  These additional controls can sometimes be accommodated by moving the start buttons to the front side of the control panel.


Navigation - 

 There are several on-screen instructions to guide navigation.

 1)  Help window - press Player-1 "C" button.

 2)  Exit game, return to menu - hold Player-1 Start button for 3 seconds.

 3)  Load menu highlighted game - press Player-1 Start button.

 4)  Add credits to loaded game - press Player-1 Start or Player-2 Start button.

 5)  Run loaded game with credits - press Player-1 Start or Player-2 Start button.