705 in 1 board Pandora's Box X multigame JAMMA pcb board

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705 in 1 board Pandora's Box X multigame JAMMA pcb board
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Free shipping over $1002017's new release and upgrade from the 5th version of the Just Another Pandora’s Box. Pandora’s Box X is a 705 in 1 Multigame Classic Arcade JAMMA PCB for your horizontal displaying JAMMA cabinet.

This multigame PCB supports both CGA and VGA monitors.

Pandora's Box X is the latest release of the Pandora's Box series of mufti game JAMMA boards.

This version is an upgrade from the Pandora's Box 4 and offers 60 additional games bringing the total to 705. Pandora's Box X can connect to a CRT or LCD monitor and can output CGA or VGA. Pandora's Box is an ideal upgrade to an existing JAMMA cabinet or for a JAMMA arcade project.

Features -
- 705 in 1 Multi Game Board. 
- CGA / VGA HD output all in one unit.
- Easy installation via JAMMA and VGA connection.
- Built in mounting holes.

If you use CRT, connect the jamma and disconnect the VGA connector.
If you use LCD, connect both the VGA HD connector and the JAMMA connector.
If you connect the JAMMA and VGA together, it defaults to use VGA output.

We are a "paperless" operation! You will not receive a paper manual, you are able to download any multigame manual from our free download section. The link will be on a small card in your package. 



  • Universal JAMMA Connector
  • User Friendly Game Selection Screen
  • Quarter/Token Option (For Free Play a credit switch is needed)  
  • Supports both CGA (standard resolution) and VGA (high resolution) Monitors
  • Each Game Is Fully Customizable (Difficulty, Game Speed, Number of Lives, etc.)
  • Enable/Disable Specific Games
  • Standard JAMMA video output or VGA output (Auto output detection)
  • External Volume Adjustment Control
  • Some cabinets may need to have JAMMA harness modified

Requirements -

1 Joystick / 6 Buttons

2 Joysticks / 6 Buttons (OPTIMAL)

*Requires a standard JAMMA arcade game setup using a HORIZONTAL classic CGA arcade screen or a standard PC VGA monitor/LCD


Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Cool board!
Easily boots without annoying attract screen.
Review by Henry W / (Posted on 7/17/2017)
PBX vs. PB4 or 4S
The PBX vs. PB4 - the flaws I will note when I booted this board, the PBX does not allow you to change difficulty or lives even though the menu options are there. When you select a game it goes through the ROM test cycle instead of go to the game's press start screen and as a result any credits put in are zero'ed out meaning you have to credit the game again. Did not have a freeplay option. Some games have both the two player and four player versions (TMNT, Simpsons) which is odd considering the PCB only supports two players anyway. Others have the American and Japanese versions which are not more than retitles. Does not feature HDMI output that the 4S does. From what little info I've found it may be the same hardware as the PB3 but adapted to run more games. In the end if you have a PB4 or 4S it doesn't appear to be much of an upgrade. Biggest plus though is the game list is in alphabetical order.
Review by Crimefighter / (Posted on 4/19/2017)
Great deal!
Love it! ...looks great in my Street Fighter
Review by James / (Posted on 3/14/2017)